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  When it comes to windows and doors, the selection of materials is crucial as they are the decisive factor when durability, maintenance and cost play an important role.

ORCOM is a leading supplier in Egypt and one of the dedicated and leading on the world of high quality PVC-u windows and doors in house extruded Profiles and Fabricated windows, doors, and facades offering optimal architectural design freedom and can be custom-engineered for a particular application providing shop drawings.

Profile Characteristics:

profiles are improved against Tough Weather conditions, Impact, in addition to being Sound Resistant, Fire Retardant and Tight following the Egyptian Code of Norms & International Norms using the latest technologies with the most advanced production equipment satisfying exacting quality and testing requirements.

ORCOM high-quality fittings have burglar protection and resistance against corrosion.

ORCOM systems are numerous Fixed, Sliding, Tilt, Turn, Tilt-Turn, Pivot, Tilt-Slide, and Folding windows with clean clear Arches and Panoramic View, Straight or Curved.

ORCOMs specials Partition Walls with different designs, Curtain Walls, Shutters, Roller Shutters, Fiber Insect Screens (Fixed & Movable), Sun Sheds, Cupboard Doors, Pergolas, Hand Rails, Construction Site Caravans, Fire Fighting Cabinets, Garden Fences, Doors, & Entrances are also part of our domain.

ORCOM main profile (frames and sashes) includes a number of rigid chamber system from (2 5 chambers) for heat, sound and for reinforcement processing.

Colors according to RAL all are Light Escape Resistant. Melted Off-White and Beige, Painted PVC colours, and Wood Textures.

ORCOM offers Single or Double glass with different colours, reflective, and Georgian bars.
Single glass can be installed from (5 6 mm) or double (20 mm) including (9mm void) between two faces of glass.

windows and doors are burglar-proof through special fittings and glazing, qualified window and door fabrication and expert installation make the windows and doors burglar proof .

ORCOM uses latest European accessories which have multi lock points and have good resistance against corrosion as they are Alkali Zinc which is environmentally friendly.

Corner Strength:
Added advantage is ORCOM unsurpassed corner strength. Welding at the corners of ORCOM profiles is done directly between two high impact strength PVC-u surfaces. That is to say, without using any adhesives owing to this homogenous joining technique. The finished product offers the mechanical, aesthetic, and tightness advantages of a unit made from one piece.

Insulation & Tightness:
Thermal conductivity of Aluminum is 1000 times greater than PVC-u. hence electricity in air-conditioning and heating systems costs can be saved through ORCOMs tight systems and even at glass areas which can save up to one-forth of heat loss.

PVC-u ORCOM windows and doors noise insulation can reach 60db when fitted with ORCOM special sound insulation glazing, profile design, thickness, spacing, the overall ORCOM design plays a substantial role in noise dust insulation and water seepage tightness.

All units have outer insulation not less than 5mm of a high density polyurethane insulation foam between the frame and the wall which also absorbs wind load and any movements due to wall expansion and contraction and earthquakes.

ORCOM frames and sashes are reinforced as static calculation with galvanized steel within main chambers of the profile.

Manufactured from ethylene, propylene, di-monomer (EPDM) which have good weather resistance according to Din 180-1629.
It is installed as one piece that starts and ends at the same point.

Dry, wet or aggressive dirt does not adhere to ORCOM's perfected, silky smooth finish. Normally only mild detergent or even plan water is required.

Flame Retardant:
systems are fabricated to be fire retardant. It will not burn by itself and extinguishes itself without providing an ignition source. Thus, actively contributing to the spread of fire is precluded.

Installation takes place on flat clean surface either paint or marble; fixed with kanat, Fischer bolts, and foam to absorb any expansion, contraction due to the wall in addition to wind load and earthquake movements. Silicon with the same window color is used for finishing. Wooden frames are not required.